You might be Paying Too Much for Your Current Registered Agent!

You might be paying too much for your registered agentOur rates are lower than all other major service companies. If you are utilizing another company for registered agent service, you may be paying up to $280.00 a year for that service.

Call or e-mail us for information on how to change registered agents and Save your company $200.00 or more a year in registered agent fees.

Why does Your Business need a Registered Agent?
Business entities are required to appoint a registered agent and office within the state to receive service of process.

  • In cases where the business maintains it’s own office within the state, an officer or employee of the company may be appointed registered agent.
  • In cases where no office is maintained within the state, individuals or companies can be appointed registered agent.

This is our specialty; serving as registered agent and office where the business has no capacity to perform this function itself.